Poker Runs:


1/20/2017 & 1/21/2017 - Start and end at Rookies Tavern , This event will happen with or with snow!




2/18/2017 - Start and end at Boonville Hotel, This event will happen with or without snow!


Febuary 24, 2017 Bonfire, Hot dogs and Chili.... After Boonville Snow Festival II parade to watch fireworks. This will be held at Lost Trail groomer barn in Boonville.All are invited to join in on the fun.


Lost Trail Snowmobile Monthly Meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of every month at the American Legion in Boonville at 6:30pm.




NYSSA Forum Lake Placid  Dates: April 28-29 2017, Annual Meeting: April 30, 2017 at

Lake Placid Convention Center

2608 Main St.

Lake Placid, NY 12946



Kevin Chambers
Vice President:
Robert Ely
Elizabeth Miller
Recording Secretary:
George Capron
Corresponding Secretary:
Debbie Pfendler
Membership Secretary:
Catherine Riggall

Jeff Denslow

Ron Davies
John Pfeiffer
Dave Marmon

Chuck Meyers
Michael Howard

Groomer Driver Coordinator:  
John Pfeiffer
Groomer Parts/Repair:  
Dave Marmom
Trail Coordinator: 
Charles (Bernie) Howard
Map Coordinator:  
Bob Ely
Oneida County Rep:  
Ron Davies    
Alternate: Charles (Bernie) Howard

Lewis County Rep:
Roberty Ely
Skip Albanese


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