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Complete and mail with Check payable to Lost Trail Snowmobile Club
In the amount of $31.00
Mail to:
Lost Trail Snowmobile Club
PO Box 604
Boonville, NY 13309
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Lost Trail Snowmobile Club 
maintains the trails in the Boonville area in the summer and winter. Membership helps pay for this. 

Memberships Are $30.00 

Benefits of membership:

- Includes membership in the New York State Snowmobile Association

- A voucher for a reduced rate of $45 on NYS snowmobile registration for multiple sleds

- Membership stickers

- Parking at Groomer Barn

- Three newsletters per year

- Participation in club events

- Participation at monthly meetings

- A smooth ride on insured and maintained trails.

Vouchers will not be available immediately. 
We have to process the payment before
we can send out the voucher.

If you need a voucher immediately,
please visit the NYSSA website.

Kevin Chambers
Vice President:
Robert Ely
Elizabeth Miller
Recording Secretary:
George Capron
Corresponding Secretary:

Membership Secretary:
Catherine Riggall

Jeff Denslow

Ron Davies
John Pfeiffer
Dave Marmon

Chuck Meyers
Michael Howard

Groomer Driver Coordinator:  
John Pfeiffer
Groomer Parts/Repair:  
Dave Marmom
Trail Coordinator: 
Charles (Bernie) Howard
Map Coordinator:  
Bob Ely
Oneida County Rep:  
Ron Davies    
Alternate: Charles (Bernie) Howard

Lewis County Rep:
Roberty Ely
Skip Albanese


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